LEADERS Summer Camp

"Why Give to MMI's Summer Leaders Program?"

Our Summer Leaders Program is a transformative 5-week experience designed to empower youth through hands-on learning, outdoor adventures, expert mentorship, and collaborative teamwork in a safe and supportive environment. We firmly believe that summer is a season of boundless opportunity for growth, exploration, and discovery.

Here's why your support for the MMI Summer Leaders Program makes a difference:

  1. Preventing Summer Learning Loss: Our top priority is reversing the trend of summer learning loss in our community. We provide an engaging and fun-filled summer of learning led by experts, ensuring that young minds remain active and sharp during the break.
  2. Courage to Embrace Challenges: We encourage students to leave their comfort zones and embrace new, sometimes intimidating, experiences. Weekly field trips to thrilling activities like white water rafting, tubing, paintballing, and ropes courses build resilience and confidence through teamwork and shared adventures. Our unofficial motto, #nevergetcomfortable, drives our students to seek growth opportunities, big and small. We inspire them to challenge themselves and develop the courage to face life's uncertainties.
  3. Expert Instruction: Students receive ten 60-90 minutes courses in one of several exciting programs, including Photography/Entrepreneurship, Construction, Culinary Arts, and Information Technology. Our hands-on, project-based approach equips them with cutting-edge knowledge and skills, laying a solid foundation for future success.
  4. Youth Internships: Our program allows youth to explore internships in their chosen fields. They gain practical experience, focus on career development. Youth who qualify for YouthWorks will receive compensation. This exposure empowers them to shape their professional skills and prospective on their futures.
  5. Celebrating Achievements: At the program's conclusion, each team presents their projects to MMI's board of directors, community members, and their families. It's a moment of celebration and pride, showcasing their accomplishments and newfound skills.

Contributing to the MMI Summer Leaders Program provides youth with opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive during the summer months. Your support ensures they prevent learning loss and build resilience, courage, and the skills they need to succeed in school and beyond.

Join us in making this summer a season of empowerment and transformation for our youth and community. Your generosity helps them embark on a learning, adventure, and personal growth journey.


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