Victoria Lions, COVID-19, Relief Fund, Phase II

Relief Fund for residents of Eastern Carver County affected by COVID-19


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Lions Foundation of Victoria

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Victoria Lions COVID-19 Relief Fund Phase II

Last April the Victoria Lions launched our COVID-19 Relief Fund campaign. The goal was to raise money that would be used specifically to assist those people that had been directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic crisis. Thanks to the generosity of our community, we raised $12,500.

Through our partnership with the Carver County Resilience Team, we identified charities, agencies, and schools that were directly providing support to Eastern Carver County residents most in need. Grants for the entire $12,500 were given to support our community. Recipients included Love Inc, His House Foundation, The Humanity Alliance, Scott, Carver, Dakota Community Action Partnership, Bethesda, District 112 Foundation, Hope House Foundation, and more. Needs supported included hunger, housing, distance learning, transportation, childcare, clothing.

Nearly a year later, we have learned from our continued alliance with the Carver County Resilience Team that the humanitarian needs in our community are still real and still great.

While continuing to act responsibly with donations, the Lions Foundation has streamlined and expedited the normal process to react quickly to address immediate community needs.

If you are blessed with health and good fortune, we are asking that in this time of need, you would consider a donation to the Lions Foundation of Victoria.

Lions Foundation of Victoria is a 501(c)(3) organization.




18 supporters

$20,000 goal

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