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Why LIFEwalk?

Because of “her”… it’s all about her.
The one that doesn’t understand what unconditional love is
The one whose “rags” are filthy and torn
The one who is barely surviving the abusive, harsh reality she lives in…

Because “she” needs a have, a place of safety, to feel sheltered from the outside, a place where she can rest, and begin to breathe again…

We are here to show her that “She is clothed with strength and dignity…” and we will teach her how to “…laugh without fear of the future.”

It’s about teaching her to live a life that honors God, that she can have healthy relationships that honor God and reflect the worth they learn to recognize in themselves.

When they understand their value, they begin to learn how to raise the standard in their own lives and in turn… ELEVATE the expectations they project to others.

She will know “she is worth far more than rubies”
Her children will arise and “call her blessed”
She is becoming “a radiant woman”

That’s what LIFEwalk is all about, because that’s what Lifeline Family Center is all about. This year is extra special as we celebrate our 10th Annual LIFEwalk. We have learned in so many ways throughout 2020 that we are all in this together. We’re going to come together this year VIRTUALLY! Yes, we will still be walking our three laps so join in wherever and whenever you’d like. Watch us LIVE on December 5th on our Facebook Page (

Visit for details on…

  • Collecting donations in person
  • Turning in cash and checks
  • What each lap represents

“Together We Can…” make a difference.
"Together we can..." change the world...two lives at a time.

Donate for LIFE!


259 supporters

$75,000 goal

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EIN 65-0529641