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"Because of my past I don’t like asking people for anything so there would be times I knew I needed things and I wouldn’t really say anything, but lucky me they would be thinking about me and ask me if anything was going on and offer help. They were always quick to offer help when I wasn’t willing to ask, it was just a great experience overall, I've never met people like that before really." -Antonio

During his senior year of high school, Antonio’s football coach found him sleeping in his car in the school parking lot before morning practice. Antonio was attending before and after school football practice, going to classes, and working the night shift at a factory so he had the money for food and gas.

Antonio moved into 91 Place, and for the first time in his 18 years of life, he slept in his own bed. He had the warmth of a home, access to three meals a day, and a community of people who believed in him and cared for him. Antonio spent 10 months with 91 Place. During this time, Antonio got his driver's license, kept a job, graduated high school, and went on to attend Iowa Wesleyan University on a full-ride football scholarship.

We are so proud of Antonio’s hard work and determination to continue his education and change the trajectory for him and his family!

"91 Place gave me a stable home that provided for me and literally had a “home type” feel. They helped me come out of my shell a bit and just made me feel welcomed and very comfortable. One thing people should know about 91 Place is they will try and bring the best out of you and help you get there any way they can. My experience at 91 Place was great, it took me a while to warm up to being there because of the way I grew up and things I’ve been through, but they made the transition very easy for me. They gave me time to ease into things and just gave me the support I needed to get to college. My biggest takeaway from the home is just Wow because I don’t really know one thing I could say because it’s so accommodating there’s no drill Sargent and people bossing you around, it’s just mutually respectful people living together and they really look out for you." -Antonio

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20 supporters

$15,000 goal

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EIN 85-1370558