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BIG Ideas become a reality...

When we sat together with the Life Team from Rusk CRC at our Movie Night in April - we discussed possibilities. This little church, tucked between Allendale and Zeeland, dreamed of making a BIG impact for the cause of life. They were just looking for the BIG idea. As we talked out options and brought our marketing team into the discussion, the BIG idea emerged: Advertise on the side of the Laker bus lines! It took months of planning and fundraising and dreaming, designing, and we are just about to step into the BIG idea!

Three busses from the Lakers Line are advertising on the driver's side, and eight busses have some interior posters. Positive Options' message of compassion and care for those facing an unplanned pregnancy will be spread all over the GVSU campus and NW Grand Rapids. Thousands on thousands of young people will see they have a place to go and people who care. How many people are going to change their hearts about life? How many people will hear the good news of Jesus Christ!

How many lives will be saved! We revel at the thought of it! Here we go! Just Imagine what God has planned for us next!
We need your help to keep funding this BIG idea. Please consider donating to the Lakers Bus line campaign.


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1 supporters

$20,000 goal

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EIN 38-3046882