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Latinx Heritage Month Supporting El Centro Hispano

A Message from Fhitting Room Head Trainer, Eric Salvador:

Being Latino is one of the things I am most proud of. My culture represents beauty, love, family, hard work, dancing, and delicious food. Regardless of what aspect of Hispanic/Latin culture someone may relate to, all Latinos share one thing in common: Pride.     


This year we are raising money for the organization, El Centro Hispano. I first became aware of El Centro Hispano during the shutdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic. My wife Erika is a social worker and worked closely with them during that time to help undocumented Hispanic children and families receive financial support. These families were ineligible through the government for unemployment or the stimulus package many people received. These were hard-working parents with jobs who lost their income and couldn’t feed their children. I was inspired by their drive and determination to help the Hispanic community. El Centro Hispano’s mission since inception more than forty-nine years ago – to assist, support, and strengthen Hispanic families; to help them become self-sufficient, and to ease their transition into their new culture while maintaining and enriching their own.                   

El Centro Hispano was the organization that I partnered with alongside Fhitting Room to honor my mother after her passing through a BeneFHIT Class. Many of you were instrumental in helping me raise money for Latinos with cancer, particularly those without access to health insurance. During a recent lunch with the Directors of El Centro Hispano, I was humbled when introduced to our waiter who currently relies on this money for his cancer treatments. He is a father of 3 and undergoing chemotherapy. He has to work when his body is able to continue to support his family. This fueled my passion and commitment to do more for my community. The donations received from this charity event will help with the organization’s new capital project. El Centro Hispano has found a new home to expand its support to more children and families through education and various programs. We at Fhitting Room are thrilled to be working with them again and I thank you all in advance for your support and generous donations. Together we can make a difference. Somos kettlebell fuerte.

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