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As the holidays approach, we are ready to spend and spend on gifts and excess. But starting on Giving Tuesday, until funds run out, thanks to the SPCA International and an Anonymous Grantor, your individual gifts to DAR will be doubled and all new monthly gifts will be tripled.*

Did you know? 

For the same price of your afternoon latte, you can provide life-saving rabies vaccinations that not only prevent puppies from contracting the disease, but saves the lives of children in India where rabies is endemic. 

A month of lattes ($150) provides 2250 meals to street animals or covers the funds need to take a dog with severe mange from rescue to recovery at our clinic. 


For the same cost or a new lipstick, you can spay a female street dog. Female Street Dogs are attacked by males during mating season then are burdened with carrying puppies unwanted by the locals.


For the same price of a yoga class, you can provide monthly flea and tick treatments to street dogs, preventing fatal diseases such as mange and tick fever. 


For the same price of a new cool vegan handbag, you can vaccinate 12 street puppies for deadly diseases such as parvo virus, distemper, rabies, and more. And deworm them all. 


For the price of an online shopping binge (of holiday gift buying) you can provide surgeries and vaccinations for a family of 5 to reduce their suffering:


So please, donate today, and help us raise $20,000 so we can receive the $20,000 Match: 

All individual donations are doubled

All new monthly donations are tripled (first month only). 

If you live in the UK we are tax exempt through Global Giving and you can DONATE HERE.

If you live in India please DONATE HERE.


DAR focuses on five main programs designed to effectively achieve our mission and goals:

  • ABC/AR (Animal Birth Control/Anti-rabies) - This program is a systematic approach to creating a rabies-free environment and controlling the population of strays humanely, following the World Health Organization (WHO) protocols. We conduct annual scientific population surveys, and mass rabies vaccination camps.
  • Street Animal Rescue – This program provides an optimal environment for any small animal needing 24/7 care due to accidents, disease, cruelty, or abandonment.
  • Humane Education – Our school program, “Animal Buddies,” teaches young children how to be kind to stray dogs even if they are scared of them. It also teaches kids and teachers what to do if they get bit by an unknown dog, so that they are safe from rabies.
  • Street Animal Feeding - DAR provides funds to feed 150 street animals each day. We partner with local feeders on all of our programs. Supporting and encouraging feeding reduces the human/street dog conflict allowing for easier catching for rescue, sterilization, and vaccinations. 
  • Adoption – We encourage local adoption. All potential families must go through an application process, approval, and follow up.

We have helped over 18,000 animals since we began in 2009. 

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Campaign Ended


81 Supporters

103% of $40,000 goal

Dharamsala Animal Rescue

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