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Abraham Lincoln called America "the last best hope" for self-government. At the Center for Liberty and Learning our mission is to create scholars and patriots.  We believe that civic education is necessary for the maintenance of freedom. Our students think so too. We started a program that will embrace the community and will allow our students to get involved and serve others. We hold public events, we host summer courses open to the public, and we have a scholar program that equips our students to serve their communities for life. Mark Twain once remarked "I never let my education get in the way of my learning." The Center for Liberty and Learning shows students that learning to be a great citizen or a statesman can happen inside and outside of the classroom.

We believe this is essential for the preservation of free government here and throughout the globe. Your donation today will help us do this in three ways: scholarships to equip our students to be lifelong learners and patriots, public colloquia about the nation's politics to create civil discourse and a strong community, and summer courses hosted by our faculty and friends of the program open to public.

Please consider giving today to The Center for Liberty and Learning.



3 supporters

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