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#SixInSix - Help us raise $31,500 in Six weeks to drill Nine wells in Northern Ghana!


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Please join Lydia and me by supporting Lifetime Wells International (LWI).  

Access to safe drinking water remains the largest problem impacting health across the world. Every day, nearly 50% of all hospital beds are filled by someone who is sick from drinking contaminated water. LWI is dedicated to ending the water crisis by providing safe drinking water to the poorest of the poor in Ghana and Tanzania.

I’ve known the founders of Lifetime Wells International (LWI) for many years and serve on the Board of Directors. In February 2019 I traveled to Ghana with our President, David Powell. We visited several villages to meet with our staff and watch the work in progress, seeing is believing. Our staff in-country is well trained and dedicated to the communities we serve.

This is a hand-dug well beside a water hole. These are among the better sources of drinking water. Most villagers walk long distances to get water from streams and water holes that are much worse than this.


A group of grateful villagers welcoming our team.


The son of the village chief identified me as the eldest visitor. As the elder, I was presented with gifts of appreciation for the wells we drilled. I immediately understood his intentions despite not sharing a language. I smiled, thanked him and led him to our pump installation crew, who are natives and who could accept and use these egg-producing chickens. We tethered the chickens in the back of the pickup truck and they were panting in the 100+ degree mid-morning heat. I became their water boy by cutting a “V” at the bottom of a plastic bottle for their necks and holding it so they could drink water about once an hour.


LWI is a very efficient cost-effective provider of clean, safe drinking water to those who need it most.  Our average cost to provide a well like that in the picture below is only $3,500.

Pump maintaining and repairs are an important part of the work that we do to ensure clean water continues to flow. Rehabilitation of an older well costs $500 and general maintenance and repairs can cost as little as $50.

Please read the story and watch the video below to get a better idea of the conditions facing the people in Northern Ghana and join Lydia and me supporting this life-saving work. 

Thank you!


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Final Campaign Update:

Wow! Thank you for making our first official fundraising campaign an overwhelming success! Your generosity far surpassed our original goal of providing six wells for needy communities in the North of Ghana. In six short weeks, you more than doubled that goal, allowing LWI to provide clean drinking water to thirteen villages! 

Thank you to those whose donations made this campaign a success.

Thank you to those of you who decided to join the fundraising team and broadened the reach of our campaign.

Thank you to Dave Whaley for providing a generous $5,000 matching grant on #GivingTuesday, allowing Lifetime Wells International to set a single-day fundraising record of $13,300!

In the coming months, keep an eye on our website for information on the villages that will be reached thanks to your support!

12/6/19 - Campaign Update: (New Campaign Name #SixPlusSix)

Thank you!

We are officially half-way through our year-end fundraising campaign and I for one, could not be more pleased with the results. Each step of the way, you have risen to the challenge we set and exceeded our expectations.

We started this campaign with a goal to raise $21,000, allowing us to provide six villages with wells:

Twelve Days into the campaign you had already met the goal, so we pushed our goal to to $31,500.

Three days later we kicked off our first #GivingTuesday campaign, with a $5,000 matching grant provided by our friend Dave Whaley.  

#GivingTuesday was an amazing success, our aggressive goal was no match for your generosity. In one day, you raised $13,300 for Lifetime Wells International!

Today, our campaign total is $37,000 and we're increasing our campaign goal to $42,000. This will allow us to provide 12 wells to the people of Northern Ghana.

Midway through our 2019 Year-End Fundraising Campaign, all I can say is thank you.

Thank you for your generosity.

Thank you for partnering with us and believing in our mission.

Thank you for seeing the need and deciding that you can do something about it.


Mark Taber
Executive Director - Lifetime Wells International

12/3/19 - Campaign Update:

Today is #GivingTuesday! Watch Dave's video below to learn about his matching grant in support of Lifetime Wells International!

12/1/19 - Campaign Update:

Wow, did we underestimate your dedication to our shared mission!

We set a goal that we thought we could reach by the end of the year and in two short weeks, you've already pushed us past it!

Our original goal was to fund six wells for villages in Northern Ghana, given the success that we've had already, we are going to increase that goal to nine wells! That will push our goal up to $31,500 - a 50% increase over the original goal.

Thank you to everyone who has already contributed to support the people of Northern Ghana. If you haven't made a contribution yet, please partner with us to help reach more villages in need.

This is Borgbaln, a village of about 1,900 in the Saboba District of Northern Ghana.

Like many villages in rural Ghana, Borgbaln is dependent on the annual rains to supply much of their drinking water, which collects in small shallow ponds. These ponds quickly become stagnant and are teeming with algae, bacteria, and viruses. All of which lead to disease and even death for the villagers who have to drink it to survive.


Each day, the women and children of Borgbaln walk the well-worn paths to the water-hole. Compared to many, they are considered lucky, since their walk is only 15 minutes each way. This doesn't mean it is easy. Each 5-gallon bucket they carry back weighs 42lbs, backbreaking work for even the strongest among them.


Because of the shortage of water in the region, each day brings the difficult decision of how best to use it. Mothers must decide whether or not it’s for cooking, washing bodies or cleaning clothes. Without an abundant water supply, there is never enough to do all three.

Now for the good news.


Lifetime Wells International was founded to end the misery caused by drinking dirty water. Our drill team in Northern Ghana is on the road for more than 250 days each year. They happily drive the rough country roads to bring water, life, and peace to their people, knowing that each well they drill means increased health, productivity,  and opportunity for education in the villages they serve.

In the last 13 years, Lifetime Wells International has drilled over 2,300 wells, bringing clean water to the people who need it most. That's over 1,500,000 people who have access to clean water because of the real hero in our story, YOU. Your support of Lifetime Wells International has allowed our team to make a difference for so many!


Today, you have a chance to join the fight.

Over the next six weeks, Lifetime Wells International is allocating all of the funds raised during this campaign to support the drilling efforts in Northern Ghana. With your support, we hope to raise at least $21,000 to provide wells to six villages. That's clean drinking water for almost 5,000 people. We’re calling it our #SixInSix Campaign, and it's a lofty goal considering this is our first fundraising effort. We've set the bar high, but we know that we can do it with your support. 

You can support the cause by:

  • Following us on social media and sharing our content to get the word out.
  • Becoming a fundraiser (click the "Fundraise" button) and ask your network to help you support our efforts.
  • Donating whatever you can. 100% of every dollar donated will go directly to financing one of the water projects. 

Thank you for your support! We can't wait to see what you're able to accomplish for the people of Northern Ghana!

Visit our Website for more information about our work in Ghana and Tanzania.




132 supporters

$42,000 goal

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