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It's important to realize the alert service will not send out alerts if we do not have enough money banked in the account!  I am asking for a donation, so that I do not have to pay for it myself.  If need be, I will use personal funds to guarantee there is enough.

There have been requests at homeowner's meetings to have a way to contact everyone in emergencies. There used to be a "telephone tree" but it's currently non-existent or not reliable. Other options such as Emails, Facebook, Twitter and a multitude of other services are neither attention grabbing nor as ubiquitous as phones. Nothing grabs your attention like your phone(s) ringing or text alerts beeping . Most everyone one has either a landline or text phone. A Lindy Alert will immediately be sent to your choice of device(s) whether a landline, text phone or both. Lindy Alert is meant to be an added layer of communication when Smart 911 is involved and future individual cabin owner APIs can give emergency response teams additional information needed to assist you in dire need.

A Lindbergh Lake road managed alert system using today's latest technologies would provide what some have requested in the past and this service will include all homes along Lindbergh Lake RD including Cygnet and Diamond L Bar.  Forest fires know no boundaries!

The alert is for dire situations and up to the alert sender's judgement. Lindy Alert messages are recorded and if abused the Alert Sender's account will be deleted. This shall not become a nuisance! If you have call blocking, you should whitelist the Lindy Alert numbers on your devices. Contact Bill C. for those phone numbers.

If the community is interested in having this service... I'll move forward. I'm guessing there are about 80 landlines on the Lindbergh Lake Road. Who knows how many want their text phone or emails included? Charges are based on the number of Landline, Text phones, and email addresses receiving the alert and how many alerts are sent. To reduce costs please request alerts to only those contacts that have a need to know.

I'm asking $0.42/month for each landline, text phone and email address you want alerted.  A donation of $5.00 per year per phone, what some pay for a  Cinnamon Dolce Latte! ☕     This is NOT a money maker for me! The money is used to pay for the infrastructure costs. I'm currently paying out of pocket. Charges by DialMyCalls is based on the number of phones and alerts sent. These numbers are impossible for me to predict.

It's important to know that DialMyCalls will not send out alerts if we do not have enough money banked in the account!  If need be, I will personally insure there is enough banked in the account.

To sign up go to: Lindy Alerts Sign Up or click the link on and see Lindy Alerts Sign Up.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me or submit them at the Lindy Alert Forum.

Use this contact form or phone: Contact Bill Cory





0 supporters

$1,000 goal

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