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This will be Foco Roller Derby's 11th Annual Skate-A-Thon! We are so grateful for your interest in partnering with us as we prepare for the coming year and roll out all of the exciting plans and roller derby that we have in store!

FoCo Roller Derby is a skater-owned & operated non-profit organization, founded in 2006, that fosters athleticism, sportspersonship, inclusion, and empowerment of its members through the sport of flat-track roller derby. Currently, there are 32 active members including skaters, officials, and volunteers.

Skate-A-Thon donations help to fund our Hardship Scholarships, Loaner Equipment Library, Practice Space, and Operational Expenses and support our ability to help all league members participate in our sport. This will be FoCo Roller Derby’s 11th Annual Skate-A-Thon nonprofit fundraiser! This year, we are raising money for our league to fund tools and materials to engage new and existing members so that we can strengthen and grow the core community of skaters, officials, and volunteers in Northern Colorado.

We had a major success this year when we secured a lease for a small, but mighty practice/meeting space that we could call our own, but the search continues for a primary facility large enough to facilitate a track where we can practice and host games. 

Roller derby is so much more than a sport. There is a consistent, genuine, support system that exists here for its community members. Something we say from the very first new recruit meeting is that “Derby will always be here,” and there is a dedicated group of dynamic people who work hard every day to make sure that that phrase holds true and to preserve this essential community in Fort Collins. We’ve even had founding members return to active status to help lift up this organization and bring the strength and resilience of this community to the next generation of its members. There is no denying the pandemic presented challenges to us all in nearly every aspect of our lives, but we are still here to be a team, have fun, and Brew Victory!

There has never been a better time to partner with Foco Roller Derby as we strive to continue offering roller derby to our members and our community. Thank you for joining us!

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83 supporters

$7,500 goal

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EIN 27-1987782