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About the campaign

Innovation does not need to be something new, rather, a combination of already successful practices in other sectors. Project Embrace is a nonprofit founded by students on the idea of using a simple solution to solve a complex problem. 

The complex problem? Excess of people without access to basic medical devices. The simple solution? Taking previously used medical devices, like wheelchairs and crutches, and distributing them to the people that need it most. It’s not a particularly unique idea, right? However, not a whole lot is being done about it. 

These solutions are only sustainable when the community feels empowered to keep it going. That’s where you, the reader of this story, come in. We receive thousands of used medical devices, and they are just waiting to find a new home. However, we cannot deliver the devices without proper funding.

As students, we help as much as we can while living on a Top Ramen diet (which isn’t too much). So, we created a fundraising campaign to help take hundreds of devices to the Navajo Nation in Southern Utah. We have a goal to get the entire community involved by any means necessary by reaching 100 total donations - not your average donation campaign. That means you can donate whatever you’re able to, so long as it makes you feel like a part of the community. Because, at the end of the day, it takes individuals to recognize a problem, but communities to realize a solution.

Our goal

We aren't asking for donations of millions of dollars (although, that would be nice), but simply 100 separate people to donate whatever they can, or see fit for this initiative.

Currently, we have about 50 people subscribed to our email newsletter. If everyone subscribed donated, and share to at least ONE friend we will hit our goal. Easy right?

We have until February 28th, 2019 to hit this goal.

About Project Embrace

Project Embrace was created when Mohan Sudabattula, Founder, experienced the hardships children went through in an orphanage in India ten years ago. He noticed that the children had some of the same ailments American children had, but without the medical means to treat them. 

Since the launch of Project Embrace in 2017, Sudabattula and his team have reached across the world to give global good by repurposing unwanted medical devices those who need it most in places internationally like India and Swaziland and places locally like the Navajo Nation.

Visit our website at www.projectembrace.org to learn more.

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