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Education and its opportunities have long been constrained by the practical necessities of our lives. They have been bound by time, location, and the extrinsically-imposed demand that we subjugate ourselves to servile labor in order to earn a paycheck and provide for our material wants and needs. The Lyceum Institute is here to change that: by utilizing the digital technology now always at our fingertips, we are building a community dedicated not only to continual, lifelong learning, but to building better intellectual habits.

This is not a program, a course, a certification process, nor simply a place to find content for passive consumption, but rather something to become a part of one’s life: a digital medium that directs one towards the development of perfective human habits.  Central to the Lyceum's mission are our Faculty Fellows, who teach seminars, languages, participate in the communal life of the Lyceum, and engage in research that advances our understanding of ourselves and the world.

These Faculty exert great effort of thought and time in aiding us.  Help us reward them justly, by contributing to the annual stipend fund which supports their work!  Any gift is welcome--as you can see below, this is only one part of our total fundraising goal for 2022.

2022 Budget Plans:

  • 7 Faculty Fellows: 5 of whom will receive $3000+ stipends for teaching seminars/languages, 2 of whom will receive $500+ for seminar assistance.  Thus, we need a total of $16,000 for Fellow stipends.
  • $1000+ research budget.  This is to purchase access to resources for research, e.g., journal access, access to resources from Past Masters, Scribd, JSTOR, etc.
  • 6 Colloquia Lecturers: 5 of whom will receive $150 stipends for delivering a recorded lecture and participating in a one-hour Q&A session.  Thus, we need $750 for Colloquia stipends.
  • Total goal for 2022: $20,000+



5 supporters

$5,000 goal

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Brian Kemple