Committee to Elect Lynette Hickey

Lynette Hickey for Haverhill School Committee - DONATE NOW!

I am running for school committee in Haverhill - Ward 5 because: 

- I believe that our kids deserve an excellent education, a safe environment which fosters learning, and plenty of opportunities for growth and success. 

- I believe that parents and caregivers should have a clearer understanding of what goes on in their child's classroom, and should feel like they are a welcome and valued partner in their child's academic career. 

- I believe our teachers and school staff should have appropriate support and resources to do their jobs well. 

Haverhill has been doing things the same way, and getting the same results, for far too long. If you want to see a change in how things are being done, then you need to vote for it. I am not a politician or a school administrator, and I don't think like a politician or a school administrator. But I am a mom of four kids, the wife of a military veteran and public servant, and I want what is best for my kids, for your kids, and for every child in our community. We don't need more of the same. We need something different. Because our kids deserve something better.

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