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One of the major barriers that hinder the success of children and families is a lack of stable housing. Motels and extended-stay hotels often serve as shelters of last resort when a family has been removed from their own home.

Families initially move into the extended stay location as a short-term solution but often find themselves unable to save the necessary amount to address overdue bills or secure the deposit for housing.

The Motel to Home Alliance ( is a collaboration of organizations located throughout Metro Atlanta who are working to assist families in moving out of motels into stable, permanent housing with a 3-step approach: outreach, housing, and aftercare.

We invite you to join the movement to support families in gaining stability.

What will my donation do?

-$150 provides start up household goods (move in kits) for one family

-$500 provides basic furniture and household goods for one family

-$1000 provides one family the opportunity to build a foundation for savings

-$2500 provides one family the ability to move from a motel into an apartment

-$4500 provides one family the opportunity to move from a motel into an apartment with a foundation for savings and basic furniture and household goods

100% of the proceeds will go towards move in fees for Motel to Home families. Press the donate button or text M2HAlliance to 53-555

For more information or to discuss making a special gift, please contact Motel to Home Alliance Chair, Kate Kennedy at [email protected]

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2 Supporters

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