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Donation Drive for Mimi's House

MIMI'S HOUSE – A Caring Place; Providing Support to Ovarian Cancer Caregivers


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Hello family, friends, and to all those who've been part of or just joined the journey of Mare!


Marijo or Mare as known by many close friends, even upon first meeting can be described as a remarkable human being. She is a person full of love that translates into how generous and kindhearted she is with every person that she meets. Everyone feels comfortable telling their deepest secrets or even just asking for her advice. 

She's a mom, a Mimi to her grandkids, a JoJo, a Doe Doe, a best friend, a confidant and a feeling of home and family to so many!

Everyone feels loved and welcomed at our house.

That's why everyone, young and old, wants to go to Mimi's House.


What started as a simple backache, Mare was convinced she had a UTI. Her energy kept waning and her pain kept getting more severe, so she went for yet another physical. What she didn't know was she was suffering from a silent demon that kills thousands of women every year -- Ovarian Cancer. 

Mare's fight began quickly that summer, and we stayed by her side. 

Yet, I was clueless -- I was the one everyone looked to for answers, but I didn't have them.

That's when the idea of Mimi's house was hatched. To create a network of help and guidance for the caregivers, the ones in the background; trying to hold it all together while everyone is falling apart.

Recently we shared via our Facebook page that we are creating Mimi's House, a support group of Ovarian Cancer Caregivers in the Lehigh Valley. 

 We know that Cancer becomes a full-time job that no one is prepared for and so we aim to help primary caregivers with the whiplash they are about to experience and provide them with tools and emotional support that they will need to get through the first year of treatment.

As one of our first initiatives as a non-profit organization and to meet our goal of helping Ovarian Cancer Caregivers, we are opening a donation drive just in time for Marijo's Birthday! 

Our lovely, kindhearted, and fun-loving Marijo asks that in lieu of gifts, flowers, coloring books, or other forms of physical gifts, please donate to Mimi's House and share the link with others!


Thank you sooooo much for your time and consideration! Any donation amount helps in our cause. All donations are tax-deductible via Legal Zoom EIN #92-2078622.

Please like and follow our facebook page for more information and updates!

All the love, 

Lori Lewis




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224 Supporters

Mimi's House