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This past summer, during a huge storm that swept through the Monadnock Region and knocked over trees that took down power and phone lines, MHS was without power for nearly 3 days. The temps were high, and we desperately needed the power to care for the over 70 animals at the shelter. Thankfully, the heroes of our community - the Swanzey Fire Department (who brought us water for the dog pools), Cheshire County (who delivered drinking water), and Hamblet Electric (who brought generators to power our systems and give us light) were there for us.   


 Hamblet Electric


Cheshire County


Swanzey FD

Going through this difficult situation made us realize the importance of having a back-up generator.  Two people in our community also recognized the need, and immediately stepped up to offer help. Eric and Lark Parker of LE Parker Properties decided to make a commitment to help raise the funds needed to purchase a generator that would power the entire facility should we lose power again.

“Watching MHS lose power twice in the past year alone has inspired us to help. Knowing that the staff and supporters did everything possible to keep the animals safe, clean, and hydrated during those times means so much to this community. That is why LE Parker Properties would like to help ensure a mad scramble for power and supplies never needs to happen again. We are kicking off the fundraiser with a donation of $2,500, as well as pledging 10% of all profits over the next few months to this cause.”


Eric, Fitzwilliam, Bingley and Lark


Eric and Lark Parker are originally from Western Pennsylvania and moved to New Hampshire in 2015 in search of clean air, clean water, and space away from crowded metropolis life. It wasn’t long before they fell in love with this beautiful state. After just a few years here Eric opened LE Parker Properties, a real estate and Property Management firm serving southern New Hampshire. Lark is a software engineer who works from home for a company based in North Carolina. As avid animal lovers, the Parkers have rescued a total of 7 pets in the past six years, four cats, and three dogs. Three of the cats were adopted from MHS: October of 2016 a black kitten named Tilion (formerly Pitch); October of 2017 a two-year-old female grey and white domestic shorthair that quickly became long haired named Elanor (formerly Lily); and November of 2018 a nine-year-old orange tabby with health issues who was having troubles getting adopted. We took the old Gaffer (formerly Tigger) in and he has been doing great ever since! All three dogs have graduated from Canine Essentials and have continued to have fun and learn with lessons from the amazing instructors at the MHS Training Center.


Fitzwilliam, Elizabeth and Bingley


Gaffer, Tillion, and Elanor

The cost to purchase and install a new generator of this size will cost $40,000.  Eric and Lark invite you to join them in raising this money so that MHS will have a reliable power source for the systems that keep the animals safe, clean, and hydrated for the next time we lose electricity.


When our community faces challenges, inspiring compassion becomes even more important. This is one of those challenges.  We realize that we cannot be without power for that long ever again. We need to be sure the animals in our care are safe, and having this generator will ensure that they have what they need. 

Please consider joining in the commitment made by Eric and Lark. A gift of any size will help us reach our goal and truly makes a difference.  Thank you all for helping us purchase this important piece of equipment! 

“Let’s help keep the lights on and water flowing for Monadnock Humane Society!”

- Eric and Lark

We receive no federal or state funding, and we are not affiliated with any national animal welfare organizations such as HSUS or ASPCA. MHS relies on the generosity of our community for support. Learn more about us at www.monadnockhumanesociety.org.



35 supporters

$40,000 goal

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