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Wildfire Relief Fund

As you are aware, there are some of us that are suffering the effects of the wildfires. Wagyu producers in Texas, Colorado, and Kansas are busy putting together loads of feed. Some are donated. Much is being provided at significant discounts. The challenge is going to be getting it to where it is needed. Slowly the trucks are starting to roll.

Eastern Colorado Hay Company is hauling donated big square bales to Texas at their cost. The TWA is seeking donations to cover the cost of trucking. There are two donated loads sitting in Colorado right now waiting on trucks. PLEASE DONATE TO THE TWA WILDFIRE RELIEF FUND.

Let’s get those loads on the road! If you can’t donate but have a truck and can haul big round bales let us know. Priority will be given to Wagyu Producers, but it will not .

Your donation is TAX DEDUCTABLE !!!

Questions? Call Bryan Milburn at 303-981-0641

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