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Celebrate Motherhood. Empower women to CHOOSE life!


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Your support through this community-wide virtual baby bottle campaign will empower women in unplanned pregnancies to choose life for their preborn baby.  

From Mother's Day to Father's Day, Matrix LifeCare Center has several churches and organizations that participate in our baby bottle campaigns.  These campaigns are pivotal in helping us provide services to women in our community.  Due to social distancing, we are unable to disperse the bottles to families to put their change, cash, and checks in to help SAVE lives.  

Your support will provide women seeking pregnancy options the opportunity to speak with one of our pregnancy options experts one-on-one.  The expert will create a specialized care plan, including an ultrasound, to confirm she has a viable intrauterine pregnancy.  Her expert will also provide her with the resources she needs to overcome the obstacles she is facing in life that would prevent her from continuing her pregnancy.  

Your support shows these women that their community believes in the value of her life and her baby's life!  Your support shows her that you want her to thrive, you want her to know she is loved,  and that you believe she can be a mother and reach her dreams in life.  

Thank you for your partnership in this life-changing and saving mission.  Let's celebrate all mothers through this campaign. 

*The CARES Act (House Bill 748), passed by the federal government, allows donors to deduct up to $300 in charitable contributions from their 2020 taxes “above the line.” This means anyone who makes a $300 donation in 2020 will be able to deduct it from their taxes even if they don’t itemize their taxes next year. Those that do itemize will still get the standard deduction plus this $300 gift deduction.

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56 supporters

$50,000 goal

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