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Maui GEMs

Girls Empowerment Movement: Summer Internship


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🌺 About Us 🌺

"What Makes You Feel Beautiful" is a Maui-based nonprofit that champions the empowerment of girls, particularly those at high risk or confronting homelessness, poverty, and teen pregnancies. We are committed to ensuring every girl understands her worth, potential, and feels authentically beautiful.

🌸 Our Mission 🌸

To empower girls, particularly from Maui, who face high risks due to societal adversities. We offer mentorship, workshops, resources, and education with the aim to nurture self-love, amplify self-esteem, and provide them with essential life skills, subsequently decreasing homelessness, poverty, and teen pregnancies in Hawai’i.

🌼 Introducing: Maui GEMs (Girls Empowerment Movement): Summer Internship 🌼

Empowering Future Leaders

Program Highlights:

  • A four-week comprehensive internship experience.

  • 20 chosen participants will collaborate with female leaders from a diversity of professional domains.

  • Valuable practical experience, promoting both personal and professional advancement.

Why Support Our Fundraising Campaign "Empower Her Future: Support the Maui GEMs Summer Internship"?

Your kind contribution will:

  • Grant girls real-world professional experiences, influencing their forthcoming career decisions.

  • Construct enduring mentorship bonds, ensuring lifelong counsel.

  • Impart crucial life skills, assuring personal and professional prosperity.

🌸 How You Can Assist: 🌸

Donate: Each donation, regardless of its size, creates an impact. Assist us in reaching our objective!

Share: Raise awareness! Inform your acquaintances, family, and community about our cause.

Mentor: If you are a business proprietor or professional in Maui, think about becoming a mentor.  mentor application form 

Collectively, we can nurture a cohort of empowered girls prepared to take the helm and instigate positive shifts in their societies. By supporting, you are brightening, fortifying, and empowering Hawai’i's girls' future.

Contribute Now and become an integral part of their transformational journey.


What Makes You Feel Beautiful is a Maui based, 501(c)3 nonprofit female empowerment organization. 


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0 Supporters

0% of $10,000 goal

What Makes You Feel Beautiful

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

EIN 83-4396154