Music & the Arts in Richmond Public Schools, 5th District

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Thank you to everyone who helped us raise money for this great cause. We are still accepting donations via 

Each year proceeds from the Big Tent festival go to support music and art in Richmond Public Schools. This year we are fundraising for schools in the 5th District.

The wish list we have received is:

  • G.W. Carver Elementary School for General music instruments: $500
  • Swansboro Elementary School for a classroom set of string instruments: $5,600
  • John B. Cary elementary school for a classroom set of string instruments: $5,600 
  • Binford middle school for choir risers: $3,000
  • Open High School for art supplies and a new kiln, including ventilation and setup: $5,000        
  • George Wythe High School for dance supplies and uniforms: $800  

Total need is $20,500

Through this crowdfund we are hoping to raise $15,000 and an additional $5,500 on the day of the event.


Big Tent History

The Richmond Symphony collaborates with government and civic organizations to plan community festivals under the Big Tent that will make a significant impact on participating neighborhoods by combining the power of music with community investment.

To date, Big Tent Festivals have raised over $400,000 in donations for Richmond Public Schools, which have been used to provide instructional support and purchase almost 400 instruments for school orchestra classrooms. Our goal is to raise over $500,000 in donations, buying 500+ instruments to outfit all 32 Richmond Public Schools elementary and middle schools with a full string orchestra. This will ensure that every child in RPS who would like to learn instrumental music has access to one on which to play - and now they will have an online school with which to continue their musical education.

We will be at Forest Hill Park in June 2021 to raise funds for schools in the 4th district.

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70 supporters

$15,000 goal

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