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UPDATE:  AS OF 12/9/2020 WE HAVE ALSO BROUGHT IN $31,350 IN MAILED IN DONATIONS IN ADDITION TO THE DONATIONS MADE ON THIS SITE!   You guys are awesome!  Thank you for being a part of this great fundraiser! 

The McKenzie Masters Foundation is Spearheading this Awesome Project to Help the McKenzie River Community to Recover from Recent Wildfires: This fall, the McKenzie River Community and those who love this river, suffered a great and unexpected loss when the McKenzie Valley was ravaged by a huge wildfire.  The fire storm moved through the river corridor in the middle of the night, claiming homes, forests, critical infrastructure, livelihoods and irreplaceable pieces of history through out the valley.  This unprecedented event will forever leave its mark on the valley and all of those who lost so much in the flames. 

Why is this So Important to Us? As you may know, the Helfrich Family has been synonymous with the McKenzie River for over 100 years and six generations. This amazing river and the community it supports have played a huge role in the history of not only the Helfrich Family but river running in general.  

What Is the McKenzie Masters Foundation? The McKenzie Masters Foundation is a long standing fundraising group focused on maintaining and improving habitat and access along the McKenzie River. This group has been working together for over 30 years, spearheading and sponsoring many different projects including the free lifejacket program, boat landing restoration, scholarships, and conservation. This board is made up of many great people from around the community including, Ken Helfrich, Steve Schaefers, Kim Short, Andy McWilliams, Todd Hedberg, Steve Jost, Gregg Melton, Gene Jones, Brian Hoyt and Keith Tattersall, along with active support from many others.

So What Now?  Now we rebuild.  Now we come together and support those in need.  The fire not only stole possessions, it also stole the livelihood of many members of the community including: guides, shuttle drivers, lodge owners, store clerks and all those who rely on visitors to the McKenzie River to make a living.  Access to the river and safe navigation are critical to rebooting tourism and the economy throughout the valley.  The goal now is to kickstart the economy, get community members back to work and reopening the river for all to enjoy.
Even if you can't donate a lot, every dollar helps...



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The McKenzie Masters Foundation is raising funds with two goals in mind: Make the river navigable again and put the local guides back to work.

For this fundraiser, McKenzie Masters Foundation is partnering with the McKenzie River Trust, Eugene Water and Electric Board, Lane County, the McKenzie Community Development Corporation, Lane County Sheriff’s Marine Office, US Fish and Wildlife and the McKenzie River Guides Association. These various agencies will comprise a steering committee to determine the best use of your donated funds to identify necessary projects and will employ the local fishing guides to make them a reality.

The recent Holiday Farm Fire has burned over 170,000 acres across the McKenzie River Valley. Over 400 homes have been destroyed along with many beloved recreation sites throughout the valley. The fire has also inflicted large-scale damage to the heart of the McKenzie Watershed. This amazing watershed supports farms, forests, critical fish populations, recreation opportunities and supplies drinking water for some 200,000 residents. Extensive rebuilding is needed to restore this amazing river and the community that it supports. Trees and other debris need to be removed from the river. It is anticipated over the next several years that more trees and debris will continue to wash into the river. Boat landings need to be rebuilt and restored.

There are 2 easy ways to donate.

  1. Write a check and send it to: McKenzie Masters Foundation, 975 Oak St., Suite 700, Eugene OR 97401. (Be sure to put Restoration Fund in the memo line)
  2. Donate through this website. 

Thank you for your help. We hope to see you on the river soon.



92 supporters

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