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Providing consistent community care to NYC Afro-Caribbean immigrants in the form of food security


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In 2022, we are looking forward to launching our new initiative, Claim Our Food Now, to provide consistent community care in the form of food security for NYC Caribbean immigrant families impacted by the threat of deportation. We will donate culturally specific and nutritious foods to support their immediate needs while creating sustainable community programs to educate, motivate, and unionize our neighbors to abolish ICE and prevent further harm for future generations.


The deportation of family members can cause lasting issues that continue for generations, leading to the diminishment of funds for families. The impact on economic status also directly impacts access to resources like food, causing food insecurity which subsequently weakens physical, emotional, and mental health within immigrant communities. Deportation pushes families deeper into poverty, leading to school aged children go to school hungry, and have deteriorating performance in their academic life. This issue often cascades into the subsequent criminalization of entire groups of immigrants trying to survive by whatever means necessary (Ceciliano-Navarro & Golash-Boza, 168 & Cox & Wallace, 5-6).

97% of deportees are sent back to Latin America and the Caribbean.

44% of deportees are of Haitian descent.


With your Giving Tuesday donations, we were able to soft launch our initiative with a focus group of undocumented Afro-latine students and their families. We provided six students from Gregorio Luperon High School in Washington Heights (and their families) with voucher for their immediate grocery needs!

Help us get our sustainable program to more families and DONATE TODAY!



1 supporters

$50,000 goal

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EIN 86-1214774