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Better Mobility Equipment For Better Mobility Independence

Hello, I'm Tom Quiter, Founder, President, and CEO of The Mobility Independence Foundation.

I have been dependent on mobility equipment my entire life. Through my nearly 40 years I have discovered, unfortunately, that a lot of mobility equipment is either inferior or the systems of justification and modification leave the end-user with something that's not appropriate. Beyond that it has been a repetitive cycle of waiting unreasonably long times for repairs for every little issue.

See or listen to this 2022 new piece:

Wheelchairs repairs can take a month, or longer, leaving people stranded

While I have found a way for myself, I want everyone to have the same mobility independence. That is why I founded the Mobility Independence Foundation Inc. along with experts and advisors in mechanical application, software design, professional welding techniques, and robotics professionals. We have found support in the community of individuals with disabilities because their needs are poorly met. We have all put in thousands of dollars of our own money and hundreds of hours of labor so far.

Our goal of creating and proliferating open source mobility equipment designs will help give anyone who needs or wants it the opportunity to pursue their unmet needs. These designs will last longer, go farther, be more environmentally friendly, and better suit the needs of the user. Modularity, adaptability, repair-ability, availability, and longevity are keys to the success of our designs and the success of the users of our designs.

We’re heavily focused on bringing better accessibility to the users of mobility equipment through the mobility equipment itself. This is key to overcoming factors of ground heave, unforeseen situations, navigating the home, and encouraging a fuller and purpose driven life for all.

With a year of research and development under our belts and a fully founded 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation we are ready to kick this off. What we are asking for today is a recurring and tax-deductible donation of $5 or $10 a month. This will cover our back end operations so that we can continue to work effectively and efficiently.

With your monthly support we can change the narrative, change the industry, and improve the lives of millions. We deserve better and together we can attain better. Innovation is born of necessity.

Thank you for considering.

Thomas Daniel Quiter



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