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We believe that in order to change the world for the better, we must love the children of the world. It's not enough to have an emotion, it takes love in action to make a difference. Transformation and change begins with our youth, and by ending homelessness, hunger and poverty for our most vulnerable, we protect the children from crime, trafficking and other atrocities they face regularly.

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We work in the Mpumalanga region of South Africa, the Loreto region of Peruvian Amazon jungle and inside Ukraine in several villages. The children we work with are the orphaned and vulnerable children. Without our help, these children will not thrive. Join us in making their lives matter and so they become thriving members of a global society. 

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We work to provide essential supplies, clean water, facilities and structures where needed and sustainable food solutions. We are also providing emergency supplies inside the war zones in Ukraine.



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Moms House For Children works in the Loreto Region of the Amazon Jungle. Loreto is a region that makes up ⅓ of the geographical expanse of Peru. Loreto contains 8 provinces (states) and 53 districts. This part of Peru sees little government support. The population of this region is close to 1,000,000. That said, there are many remote villages and tribes that are “off the grid” so to speak, so we estimate this number to be quite larger.


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7 Supporters

46% of $10,000 goal

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