Maryland Reentry Resource Center

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Client Sponsorship

Client sponsorship provides a returning citizen with the training and tools necessary for a successful second chance! Sponsoring a client provides:

  • A caseworker - to walk alongside each client. This has been proven to be the most important aspect of a successful return.
  • Soft skills and computer training - imagine if you have never used a computer, a cell phone or the internet, we ensure our clients are able to communicate in ways that will help them start out strong.
  • Assistance accessing resources - returning citizens often need help navigating different resources and opportunities.
  • Transportation for the first two weeks - imagine trying to get back on your feet without access to reliable transportation, this is a vital part of helping ensure a strong start to a second chance.
  • Hygiene essentials - the basics that we often take for granted
  • Food - imagine not knowing how you were going to eat as a returning citizen we make sure our clients don't have this worry in the first few weeks
  • Clothing - imagining only have the clothes that you took into the prison and trying to make a fresh start. We ensure our clients have suitable clothing to make a good start.
  • Housing Assistance - some returning citizens have no place to go when they return to their community, we ensure they have a place to lay their head in the short term while they work to ensure long term housing for themselves.



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