NE Basecamp Corporate Donations

NE Basecamp's mission is to empower all students by showing up for and following up with educators as they imagine equitable teach and learning through authentic partnerships. What better way to impact the greatest number of students than to work with the educators that will inspire generations to come? The engagement of corporate donors allows NEB to offset the cost of it's high-quality educator support services and "levels the playing feild" by eliminating the cost of professional development as a barrier to improving the teaching and learning in every classroom. 

We partner with schools and districts in the region to equip educators and leaders with the mindsets, knowledge, and skills necessary to serve all students. We believe that all young people deserve studnent-centered educational environments designed for them (and with them) to thrive. 

For business and community leaders, the quality of a community's education system relates directly to the economic success of the community. School success translates into tax revenues, real estate vlaues, and community satisfaction. When asked what they want for their children, parents, and community memembers overwhelmingly agree that they want the best teacher possible in every classroom. High-quality "professional development is the most effective strategy that schools and school districts have" to ensure "great teaching for every child every day."  


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