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New Life Development Ministries - End of Year + Giving Tues Campaign

Re-entry is what we do. Help us keep men out of prison, off the streets, and able to successfully reintegrate into society through our construction training programs and critical social services for ex-offenders who've been recently released from prison.


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New Life Development Ministries gives black men coming out of prison a shot at a new life through construction training, mentorship, and employability. For over 30 years we've been serving our community in Indianapolis and Maryland, meeting the immediate and critical needs of men coming out of prison. 

We've been providing social services, like housing and rental assistance, food, transport, job placements, and more to recently released ex-offenders for the past 3 decades. On our inaugural Giving Tuesday campaign, we'd love if you'd consider donating to our organization, so we can continue serving those who need it most and who have nowhere else to go. This holiday season, we are focusing our efforts on giving men a home for the holidays. Your support can help keep men off the streets!  

We need to raise $30k by the end of the year, in order to keep providing these vital services to those who rely on us to be a helping hand. We invite you to partner with us, by donating! 


At the core of our work, we help men know that they matter. The love of Christ is at the center of all the work we do, and drives our philosophy and approach to this work. That is that people matter. We met men at their lowest point, at their greatest point of need, when most of society turns its backs on them. We make a point to love the seemingly unloveable--and serve those that most don't want to serve. 

This is a ministry of bringing New Life back to people who desperately need it. 



Re-entry is the process that happens when ex-offenders come out of prison and are returning to society. 12M people are currently incarcerated in the criminal justice system, with millions of people getting released every year. The goal of re-entry is to successfully keep people from going back to prison again, to provide them with the support they need to turn their life around, and to help them know that they still have something to contribute to this world.  

-Across the country,  black men are incarcerated at the highest rate. While only 12% of the population is black, 38% of the prison population are black inmates. Black people get locked up at a disproportionate rate 5X that of white people. 


The construction industry is one of the industries with the least barriers to entry for ex-offenders due to the nature of the work. It also offers career-paying jobs, that allow people to stabilize, support their families and leave a life of crime behind. Studies have shown it's not just any jobs that reduce recidivism rates, but well-paying jobs are key. Construction offers this. 

-Construction in the US is a $1.59 trillion-dollar industry

-Yet 62% of construction contractors can't find skilled labor (USCC)

-"Increasing access to quality academic education and occupational skills-based training that builds a skill base to meet the needs of the current labor market will significantly increase access to sustainable post-prison employment opportunities." (Brookings Report)

Our signature Construction Training programs are 16-week cohorts that take men through everything they need to know about construction, certifying them with industry-standard certifications, and equipping them with job readiness and communication skills so they can not just get a job, but be able to keep it. As a result, our graduates have been able to successfully create careers, through employment or entrepreneurship, becoming positive contributors to their families and communities. 


As an organization, we've been boots on the ground for the past 14+ years, in Indianapolis, but our founder, Reverend Eugene Potter has been dedicated to this work for the past 30+ years, starting in Baltimore, Maryland. In this time, hundreds of men have been impacted, numerous lives have been turned around, and families have found immediate support for their loved ones through our wraparound social services. 


Rev. Potter is passionate about this work because it's his calling. He desires to see generations restored, families rebuilt, and neighborhoods improved. He believes when men discover their God-given significance and when they are supported through employment and mentorship,  families and communities are positively impacted as a result. His desire is to generational impact as a result of his commitment to this work.

The NLDM Team has won numerous awards and grants, including working with the Indianapolis Urban League and being featured on  WTLC the Light radio station. They've also been recognized by the US Department of Justice for the great work and impact they have created. 

Check out our feature on WRTV here


We serve these men through our 4-Phase Transformation Program which includes:

1. On-the-job construction training, graduating with industry-standard construction safety certifications (OSHA)

2. Interpersonal skills development, personal development, job and life skills training

3. Spiritual, mental, and emotional support and male mentorship

4. Social services including housing, rent support, food, license expungements, transportation, and more


You can be part of the story! Support our mission of helping ex-offenders successfully re-enter society through job training, employability, and social services that help them get back on their feet. 

When you donate to New Life Development Ministries, your support goes directly towards serving this critical group of men who need it the most. 


Be a part of reminding people that they matter, help them turn their lives around, and stay out of prison! By donating to our campaign, you will allow us to reach 100+ men in the coming year. Be a part of restoring hope and new life back to these men!  

All donations are tax-deductible.

Or are you an organization or corporation that wants to sponsor our training cohorts or partner with us in another way? Email us at [email protected], we'd love to have a conversation about how you can partner with us. 


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13 Supporters

3% of $30,000 goal

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