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Communities in Action is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We have been operating for several years providing outreach and services to the most vulnerable in our communities, the homeless, working poor, and other marginalized groups such as the LGBTQI+ community. We currently own a property in New Rochelle NY. We would like you to help in raising the funds required to completely rehabilitate this location. At the end of this process, our center will be an affirming church, provide housing, HIV testing, mental health, and public health services, a food pantry, a recording studio, a walk-in ctr, and many other things all geared towards providing a safe space for members of the local LGBTQI+ community. Currently, there are no centers servicing this community in New Rochelle. We would be the first and would change the trajectory of so many lives in that community. No donation is too small and they are all tax-deductible. Partner with us as we work to make our little part of the world better than how we found it.



30 supporters

$350,000 goal

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