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Community Journalism needs your help to survive

Your News-Register has been locally owned and operated for 155 years, the past 93 by one local family. It is Yamhill County's leading source for information about COVID-19 safety, local recovery efforts, access to government public information, and the accomplishments, needs and dreams of local people and organizations.

Today we need your help to continue to report these stories, and the rest of the news on which you depend.

Coverage of the reopening of the county, along with our continuing coverage of the impact of Covid-19 in Yamhill County, comes at a time of dramatic reduction in newspaper funding from advertisers and other revenue channels. Our news team -- writers, photographers, and editors -- spend time every day tracking down and verifying information regarding the impact of the virus on readers and institutions, and the efforts to safely reopen Yamhill County.

One way to meet our financial challenge is with a tax deductible donation through Oregon Public Information Partnership (OPIP), a 501(c)3 charity. Donations earmarked for the N-R are dedicated to reporters and editors, allowing them to continue doing their COVID-19 and public information access reporting for you.

Many of you are subscribers to the newspaper, and we are genuinely thankful for your support. Today, we're also asking subscribers and non-subscribers to make a tax-deductible donation earmarked for the N-R's continued public service.

Every dollar can help sustain our coverage -- even a $10 donation can make a difference.

Local, trusted reportage is critical to our readers, in order to manage your lives and the lives of family members in these apprehensive days. Your donation can help our news team continue bringing you the important information of the day.

Thanks for your continued support of the News-Register during these critical times.


Ossie Bladine

Associate Publisher, The News-Register

News-Register fund


0 supporters

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