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Annual Thanksgiving Community Dinner


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This Thanksgiving Day, Hollywood Food Coalition, in partnership with Hackman Capital Group and Television City, is hosting a seated Thanksgiving Community Dinner for 300 guests from our community.

As the time of gratitude and togetherness approaches, we are reaching out to you with a heartfelt appeal to make this Thanksgiving truly special. Hollywood Food Coalition, fueled by the spirit of compassion and community, has been at the forefront of battling food insecurity and fostering connections that change lives. But we can't do it alone, and that's where your incredible and welcome support comes in.

A Day of Giving

Your support can ensure that not only on Thanksgiving Day, but every day of the year, we serve wholesome, healthy dinners that fill hearts as much as they fill stomachs.

Hollywood Food Coalition believes that no one should face hunger alone. For years, we've dedicated ourselves to alleviating food insecurity, eliminating food waste, and creating a network of support that uplifts lives. Picture a city where every individual, regardless of their circumstances, has a place at the table and where food isn't just sustenance, but a symbol of unity, love, and empowerment. At Hollywood Food Coalition, we envision this reality, where food, community, and support intertwine to create a tapestry of care.

How You Can Make a Difference

Please consider making a donation to support our goals. Share this page with your friends and family. 

Thank you for being the driving force behind Hollywood Food Coalition's mission. Your belief in our cause fuels lasting change. With you by our side, we can transform and improve lives.

With gratitude,

Hollywood Food Coalition




Hollywood Food Coalition's mission is to feed and serve the immediate needs of the hungry every day of the year so they can build better lives.  Our vision is a city where everyone has food, community, and support.

We have provided hunger relief to unhoused and low-income neighbors through hot, high-quality meals served every single night of the year, without fail, since 1987.

We help more unhoused community members on a daily basis than any other social service agency in the neighborhood, with no barrier to access.

When we share food we not only help with basic needs, but we also remind our guests of their fundamental humanity. At our core, we actively seek to construct a more cohesive, just, and compassionate community.

We have grown into a thriving meal service and food rescue operation providing meals and other basic necessities to food-insecure Angelenos.



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A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

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