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Help us continue to grow and support our community, and our mission to build connection though engaging experiences within the LGBTQ+ community.


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Since 2010, the "Non-Scene" Friends has held fun events on the platform for people the LGBTQ+ community looking to make new connections, grow, and have fun. This year, we have joined forces with a non-profit incubator, NOPI, which will continue to allow us to engage the LGBTQ+ community. However we can't continue to prosper without your support. Help us continue to bring the community together, as we build a foundation for more exciting new experiences yet to come. 

With your support we can continue to build new connections and host engaging events for years to come.


The "Non-Scene" Friends (LGBTQ+) is fiscally sponsored by NOPI - Nonprofit Incubator, a program of NOPI INC, a Massachusetts nonprofit corporation and 501(c)(3) organization, EIN 81-5089505.



12 Supporters

36% of $1,000 goal

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The "Non-Scene" Friends (LGBTQ+)