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At The Sun Herald, we believe in public service journalism. We know you do too. That’s why we’ve joined with Journalism Funding Partners to build philanthropic support for our pandemic recovery coverage.

The Sun Herald has utilized philanthropy to add capacity to our reporting team, expanding our coverage of a range of issues, including coronavirus and the vaccination campaigns. Your gift will allow us to expand our coverage: If we can raise enough support, we will add an additional full-time reporter to cover the vaccination campaign in Mississippi. 

Support for this work comes from investment by The Sun Herald, national funders, and supporters from across our community. Make a tax-deductible gift to help keep The Sun Herald's reporting in our community strong.

This campaign is a program of Journalism Funding Partners (JFP), tax ID #84-2968843, a verified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission to “increase the depth, diversity and sustainability of local journalism by building and stewarding connections between funders and news organizations.”

JFP is providing funds to this news organization for their endeavors in support of this educational purpose, and will share your information with the publication you are supporting. JFP takes your privacy seriously, and we are committed to safeguarding, preserving, and respecting the privacy rights of our donors, website visitors, and other supporters. For additional information on how JFP maintains your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.

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