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Hello friends, family, swimmers, or anyone reading this message; we need YOUR help!!! Our team usually travels to Atlanta each year for Club Swimming Nationals; however, this year, the meet is being hosted at the Ohio State University. In order to attend, we need to fundraise a lot more money. This meet is very important to us since it is our only real opportunity to shave, taper, and compete at such a high level. Please share this link with anyone you know and help us meet our goal! We appreciate any help anyone can give us! Thank you for your love and support.

Ranked 9th in the country, the Clemson Club Swim Team is a family comprised of Clemson students of all abilities!


Gretchen Stelter received a new donation from Kris and Pete Stelter

7 months ago


Swim fast! Go Tigers!

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7 months ago


Swim like a fish Elesabeth (hahaha). Go Tigers!!!

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8 months ago


Good luck!!

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8 months ago


Enjoy the Moment, GO TIGERS!

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