The 2021 Great PUCS Serve-A-Thon

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We would love for you to participate with us in the Great PUCS Serve-a-Thon 2021! This year, we will be participating in service projects with our family and through the school. Amid the ongoing pandemic, many families need help to attend our wonderful school, Pittsburgh Urban Christian School (PUCS). PUCS has responded amazingly to the situation and has done an excellent job with both online and in-person education through a very tumultuous year. The faculty and staff have been working hard to connect with each student, respond to changing circumstances, support families, and keep everyone engaged in group and individual learning. The entire school is committed to learning and serving - not just for one day but for a lifetime.

The Serve-A-Thon is PUCS' largest fundraising event and an important part of how we make the amazing education at PUCS affordable for all our students and families. The money we raise will go toward scholarships and school operations.

For our service project, our family will be picking up trash each week between now and the Serve-a-Thon on Friday, May 7. We want to serve our community (Edgewood and Wilkinsburg) and help to keep the Nine Mile Run watershed clean! We will also be serving along with our classmates: sending cards and letters to incarcerated women through the Foundation of Hope; an air quality project with Women for a Healthy Environment; and litter pickup, weeding and planting, and landscaping for the Wilkinsburg Community Forge.

We have made a video to tell you more about PUCS and to ask for your help. Please check it out at

We encourage you to support us and would be glad to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to donate via this website, or contact our mom at [email protected] for information on mailing a check. We would be happy to talk via phone or video chat to tell you more about PUCS' amazing story!


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It's a service project!

On Friday, May 7th, we will gather as we have in years past to serve the Wilkinsburg community. We are dedicated to creation care: collecting trash before it enters our waterways and caring for our neighbors through public gardens and beautiful community spaces. Our long-time Community Partners will join us and guide our service projects. They include Nine Mile Run and Watershed Association, Covenant Fellowship Reformed Presbyterian, the Sleeping Octopus, and the Community Forge, just to name a few. Watch our students' caring hearts in action!

It's a fundraiser!

God provided abundantly for our school in 2020 and we will continue to trust Him for our future! We hope to raise $50,000 this year through community donations and an additional $50,000 through Corporate Sponsors. Where does all this hard work go? The Serve-A-Thon is a large part of our annual budget. Donations will again be utilized to fund over 60% of our students via scholarships, a potential summer academy for students needing extra assistance after an unsettled year, and provide needed classroom supplies. This year we are striving to increase our impact!

Join us in our mission to cultivate caring hearts & curious minds!

Visit for more information about our school!



515 supporters

$50,000 goal

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