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Relish the Opportunity: Fund a Food Revolution with Pepper's!

Crafting Culinary Dreams: Your Support is Our Secret Ingredient.


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Welcome to the Movement:

Right in the beating heart of Atlanta, something savory is stirring. Pepper's Hotdogs is more than just a meal; it's where memories, camaraderie, and killer flavors collide. We're challenging the age-old perception of hotdogs. At Pepper's, it's not just about the bite; it's about the vibe.

Our Humble Beginnings:

Flashback to those post-game LA nights, hotdogs in hand, surrounded by cheer and banter. More than the taste, it was the togetherness. That feeling? That's what we're trying to bottle up and serve with a side of chips at Pepper's.

The Flavor Manifesto:

At Pepper's, we've got a pledge: To elevate every bite. Every hotdog tells a story, a fusion of global tastes and local love. We don't do gourmet the old-school way. For us, it's all about the adventure on your plate.

We're vibing with Atlanta's dreamers and doers, ages 25 to 45, adding a splash of flavor to their tales. Be it post-gig eats or a day-out treat, we're serving stories, not just snacks.

The Dream & You:

We've been the talk of the town in pop-ups, but we're dreaming bigger and bolder. To spread our wings (or buns), we're reaching out. This crowdfunding effort is our next chapter, and we want you to co-author it.

With a sprinkle of your support, we can reach every nook and cranny of Atlanta. With food carts, we're not just selling hotdogs; we're sharing a movement.

Jump Onboard:

Atlanta, with its rich tapestry of tastes, awaits our signature touch. By backing us, you're not just buying a meal. You're buying into moments, laughter, and community.

Join us in redefining the way Atlanta enjoys its hotdogs. Together, let's create more than a brand; let's create a legacy.

Cheers to the next chapter and many more flavors to come!





The Challenge:

Are you among the many who have been left unsatisfied by the current hotdog market? A concerning 70% of hotdog enthusiasts are unimpressed with what's available. Whether it's the lack of gourmet options during late-night cravings, ingredients that just don't meet the mark, or designs that are less than appetizing, the pursuit of the perfect hotdog is filled with obstacles. Our mission is to change that narrative!

Our Game-Changer:

Pepper's Hotdogs is no ordinary venture. With our top-tier ingredients, eclectic flavors, and unwavering dedication, we aim to position ourselves as the epitome of hotdog excellence. Our roaming food truck will ensure that your next gourmet bite is just around the corner.

What Sets Us Apart:

Prime Ingredients: Handpicked, responsibly sourced meats and fresh produce.

Diverse Menu: From carnivorous delights to vegetarian and vegan treasures.

Unique Flavors: Traditional favorites like the "Panther Party" our Chicago Style dog.  To tastes like the Damn Dog! and Nola Dog.

Swift Service: We serve you in less than 5 minutes.

Funding Vision:

To truly embark on this flavorful journey, we're targeting a fund of $150,000. Here's our predicted allocation:

Customization and Equipment: $40,000

Initial Inventory and Supplies: $20,000

Team and Operational Costs: $10,000

Licenses, Permits, and Legal Fees: $10,000

Marketing and Launch Campaign: $10,000

Technology (App Development for Orders): $15,000

First-Year Operating Expenses: $25,000

Contingency: $10,000

Storage and Commissary Kitchen: $10,000


For further details about our projected budget or any other inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. We're here to answer all your questions and appreciate your interest and support.


Backer Privileges:


A digital thank-you card.

Your name listed on our "Wall of Fame" in our space and on our website.



All rewards from the "Early Adopter" tier.

A limited-edition Pepper's Hotdogs T-shirt.

A voucher for three free hotdogs.



All rewards from previous tiers.

A VIP card offering 10% off all purchases for a year.

An invitation to our exclusive launch party.



All rewards from previous tiers.

Participate in an exclusive private tasting event to be among the first to try our new seasonal flavors.


$1,000 - MENU MASTER

All rewards from previous tiers.

Name a hotdog after yourself or a loved one.

Your named hotdog will be featured on our menu for three months.

Receive a photo of your named hotdog.


$2,500 - PARTY TIME

All rewards from previous tiers.

We'll cater an event of your choice (up to 15 people) with a customized menu.



All rewards from previous tiers.

Your name or company logo prominently displayed on our truck.

Inclusion of your name or logo in our marketing campaigns for six months.



All rewards from previous tiers.

A one-on-one cooking class with our chef.

Co-host a community event sponsored by Pepper’s Hotdogs.



All rewards from previous tiers.

An invitation to quarterly business reviews.

An opportunity to give direct input on future menu items and business strategies.


Journey Timeline:


Join Our Flavored Revolution:

Your support is the backbone of our gourmet dream. With Pepper's Hotdogs, anticipate an experience that's both unique and delectable.


Connect & Contribute:

Fuel Our Dream: Your generous donations lay the foundation.

Spread the Word: Boost our mission across social spheres!

Stay in the Loop: For exclusive sneak-peeks and the grand unveiling!

Culinary Ideas? Share your hotdog flavor inspirations!

For partnerships or detailed insights, reach out to [email protected] .


Celebrate with us on this scrumptious odyssey. Together, we'll make Pepper's Hotdogs a resounding sensation!




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8 Supporters

0% of $150,000 goal

Pepper's Hotdogs