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Live Healthy & Thrive Youth Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to children's health and wellness. Our mission is to educate, activate, motivate and empower youth in the areas of academic achievement, fitness, nutrition and total wellness. We aim to teach children healthy lifestyle habits so they will be more likely to avoid obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. 

We believe that children are the future and that's why we established the Pinnacle Youth Scholarship Program to award $1000 and $2000 college scholarships for high school seniors. Currently, we award five students with a $1000 book scholarship and one student receives the $2000 rising star scholarship. The rising star student is a young scholar who volunteers in his/her community, maintains a 3.0 or better, and demonstrates leadership capabilities.  The students we provide scholarships to typically plan to attend college and major in STEM, education, culinary arts, or medicine. Many of the students we support are honor roll students with GPA's of 3.0 and greater. Despite the fact that some of them are from underprivileged households, they still manage to get awesome grades and volunteer in their communities. We are proud to offer them financial support to aid them in pursuing higher education. We want our children to be the best and brightest with a solid education as their foundation. We need community support to build our scholarship fund. Won't you help us? Make a secure tax-deductible donation today. To learn more about our work, please visit our website. https://www.livehealthyandthri...

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10 supporters

$5,000 goal

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