Mutual Aid Support for Community Members Facing COVID-19-Related Financial Hardship


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Pandemic of Love Boulder is a mutual aid community started in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting financial hardship being faced by so many. It is part of a bigger movement that was humbly spearheaded on March 14th  by one person at her kitchen table and was originally intended to help her local community. Her idea took off, spread, and now has sprouted microcommunities like ours

A week of groceries, a tank of gas, a pharmacy order, a bill that will not be forgiven. This help is meant to bridge the gap with a near-term cash shortage being experienced by a neighbor, as a result of the crisis. 

Use this platform to give what you can. A little can grow to a lot when paired with other donations. We will do the legwork, and pool donations to offer support to community members in need. If you prefer to be directly linked to a community member, visit to start the process. Follow us on Instagram for daily inspiration and to help spread the word!

Love is the virus. Love is infectious. Love is the CURE.



55 supporters

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Pandemic of Love Boulder, Colorado