Nourishing Ukrainian Refugees

Help Feed The 6.5 Million+ Displaced Ukrainian Refugees


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Carson Sweezy


Food is our common ancestral language and one that brings us together and reminds us of our humanity. I'm on a mission to nourish those who have been displaced by war, economic injustice, and political theater and I need your help to feed them.

Please join me and contribute what you can. ALL raised funds will go to those in need for:

  • food supplies, both meals and non-perishables
  • clothing supplies (knit hats, gloves, balaclavas, blankets, etc.)
  • to assist families with travel, accommodations, etc.
  • Donating to the organization I'll be working alongside: World Central Kitchen who has already created over 1,000,000 meals for refugees since deployment. They've set kitchens up across Ukrainian border towns in Poland, Hungary, Romania, and at nearly every train station or bus stop in the region. 
  • IMPORTANT note: SnackMagic has graciously sponsored my time here covering all travel and room & board. Allowing all of the proceeds we raise to go directly towards those in need. 

About me

I'm Carson. A Professional cook from the States. I booked a flight to Eastern Europe and will be joining local organizations to help nourish these citizens of the world. 

I've been fortunate to have made friends with incredible people from every corner of our globe. Enjoying the food of their homelands as much as the stories, customs, and traditions learned alongside the meals.

Food has taught me so much about world cultures and how we as humans should treat one another. I feel a deep connection and calling to the conflict in Ukraine, and I know that with your help we can make an impact to help nourish people.

For updates and insights please visit @carsonsweezy or join my text service at 703-686-8501



85 supporters

$10,000 goal

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Carson Sweezy