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For the 25th consecutive year, REACH will award college scholarship funds to Santa Clara County high school senior student-athletes who have overcome personal hardship to excel both in the classroom and on the playing field.

REACH is an acronym for Recognizing Excellence, Adversity, Courage and Hard Work. The scholarship program is an initiative of the San Jose Sports Authority, the sports marketing arm of the City of San Jose. To date, REACH has provided approximately $250,000 in total scholarship awards to hundreds of remarkable student-athletes.

The SJSA launched the program in 1997 to shine a light on how sports can be a force for good in a young person's life. Over the years, as each class of student-athletes has shared their stories of personal pain and triumph, REACH has also become an enduring source of inspiration, encouragement and hope

REACH relies entirely on the generosity of individual donors and sponsors for funding.  

Please help keep this program going strong and make our 25th anniversary a banner year. 

The student-athletes are deserving of your time, attention and generosity.
 contribution will have an impact.



Testimonials about REACH

"I have been part of the REACH Scholarship Program since the beginning because I believe so strongly in its message. Every year, I am in awe of the students. As much as it pains me to think about how much they have overcome, I am inspired by their determination to excel. As I've said many times, sports are not forever, but serving others is - and REACH is getting it done."

Ronnie Lott, REACH Honorary Co-Chair
San Francisco 49ers / 4x Super Bowl Champ / NFL Hall of Fame / San Jose Sports Hall of Fame
(picture above in center photo)

"I am truly honored to be a part of REACH. We all go through adversity, and the love and support we receive from family and friends, our neighbors and community, is key to get through those tough times. The scholarship recipients are so young to have gone through as much they have, but they've learned to persevere. That's the point of REACH: to acknowledge past struggles while also providing real and meaningful support for the future. "

Brandi Chastain, REACH Honorary Co-Chair
Santa Clara Univ. / U.S. Women's National (Soccer)Team / 2x Women's World Cup Champ / 2x Olympic Gold Medalist
(pictured above in center photo)

"I grew up homeless in San Jose, and when I was a high school senior, I received a REACH scholarship. If not for the generosity of others, many students like myself would not be able to attend college and further their dreams. My time at SJSU helped to prepare me for the big stages, like being a Super Bowl Champion NFL Athlete as well as being an analyst on NFL Network. I'm able to provide for my family today for two reasons: I learned to grind and work as hard as I could and because other people supported me along the way. If you're reading this, please donate to REACH to help a student in need go after their dreams."

James Jones, 2003 REACH Youth Scholarship Recipient
Gunderson High School / San Jose State Univ. / Green Bay Packers / Oakland Raiders / Super Bowl Champ
(pictured above on left)

"REACH gave me the platform not only to share my own story but also to stand for countless other survivors of sexual abuse. The scholarship was a blessing that alleviated the weight of guilt and silence that had burdened my life for many years, too. Being one of the scholarship recipients from my community also allowed me to demonstrate how those of us from East Side San Jose rise from concrete. REACH recognizes the adversity student-athletes may face as well as the grit and resilience it takes to come out thriving. Now that I am at Cal... (I see) how REACH makes a difference in higher education for students like myself. I will carry my life-changing experience with REACH forever!"

Devyn Lopez, 2019 REACH Youth Scholarship Recipient
Overfelt High School /  UC Berkeley, Class of 2023
(pictured above in center photo and on right) 

To learn more about the REACH Youth Scholarship Program, including eligibility and the selection process, please visit the REACH page on the SJSA website.   Video profiles of previous REACH Youth Scholarship recipients are also available on the SJSA's YouTube channel.  

The San Jose Sports Authority is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

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