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We're so excited to be returning to this year's READATHON (our third year participating, and our first in-person!). We'll be reading excerpts from Ruth Behar's "Lucky Broken Girl—a powerful and moving multicultural coming-of-age narrative, about a young Cuban-Jewish immigrant girl named Ruthie, who is adjusting to her new life in New York City when her American dream is suddenly derailed by an injury.  


Richard Blanco writes, “In the shadow of tragedy, little Ruthie finds the light of love and optimism. Although it indeed takes a village to raise a child, her story of resilience and triumph reminds us that sometimes it takes a child like Ruthie to raise a village. An engaging and magical read for children and adults alike.”

We had the great pleasure of meeting both Ruth and Richard in Miami at the time of this book's launch. This is one book that Olivia cherishes and carries with her. Maybe it's because Ruthie's own plight in school is so similar to Olivia's own grandmother's.

We hope you'll tune in for our reading. In the meantime, please help us raise money for our local library. We're aiming for $500 this year (twice our goal from last year). Donations will be used to buy books, films, and other materials patrons depend on to remain informed, entertained, and educated. 

About the Readers:

Olivia Zowie Palma is 8-years-old and a student at the Elizabeth Ann Clune Montessori School of Ithaca. These days, she's  leaning into her passion for art, geological history, and music. And, of course, listening to Encanto, and Wicked, and Sing-2 on repeat.  

Raul Palma is Olivia's father, a professor at Ithaca College, and the author of "A Haunting in Hialeah Gardens" (forthcoming from Dutton) and "In This World of Ultraviolet Light" (forthcoming from the Indiana University Press). These days, he's working on revisions and teaching and trying to find little moments to sneak away and spend time with his wife and daughter, especially for family board game night.


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The READATHON is our annual read-out-loud challenge to raise funds for the collection at TCPL!
Help us make our 10th READATHON our best ever! 

Every dollar raised helps to buy books and other materials our community so desperately needs. Nearly a million items are used each year—a remarkably high level for a community of our size—and 100% of the funding for annual purchases comes from private support, like that raised by our READATHON participants. Money raised by the Readathon goes toward purchasing books, films, and other materials patrons depend on to remain informed, entertained, and educated.



330 supporters

$35,000 goal

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