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I have been working at TCPL for almost 9 years. I love the Annual Readathon in that it brings readers together to celebrate all the joys of literacy.

This year I hope to raise $500. On a daily basis, I witness how libraries change lives. The smile and joy in our patrons' faces as they pick up a new book and borrow their holds brings a smile to my face. The patron who has continued to call yearly to thank me for helping him with his online job application and he succeeded in getting the job. The work I did with Challenge Workforce in starting the Next Chapter Book Club. The poets who keep submitting their poetry for Poem in your Pocket Day, spreading poetry all throughout the community in late April.

On May 7th, I will be reading at the Readathon at 10am. So many books to choose from. I hope to see you there in person or virtually. Thanks for your generosity in giving to the library.

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The READATHON is our annual read-out-loud challenge to raise funds for the collection at TCPL!
Help us make our 10th READATHON our best ever! 

Every dollar raised helps to buy books and other materials our community so desperately needs. Nearly a million items are used each year—a remarkably high level for a community of our size—and 100% of the funding for annual purchases comes from private support, like that raised by our READATHON participants. Money raised by the Readathon goes toward purchasing books, films, and other materials patrons depend on to remain informed, entertained, and educated.



330 supporters

$35,000 goal

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