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Isabella was born with Downs Syndrome. She had open-heart surgery at 5-months old to repair holes and a valve in her heart. Following this successful surgery, Isabella had multiple unrelated emergency trips to the ER and was hospitalized  for respiratory issues that we learned could be mostly handled with an inhaled steroid from home. Just after Isabella's 2nd birthday, she was diagnosed with AML Leukemia and spent the next 8-months in the hospital receiving successful chemotherapy treatment. Mom & Dad took shifts 24/7 so that she'd have a parent at her side throughout while also tending to big sister, Gabriela. 

Due to Isabella's historically fragile immune system, at various times she's had both medically prescribed home schooling and modified school days up until present time. Currently, Isabella is doing schooling from home via Zoom and receiving support from Mom & Dad as well as big sister Gabriela. While the quarantining associated with the pandemic has reduced Isabella's ability to partake in certain prescribed services, she does have certain care needs that are further supported by helpful contributions. Over the years, appreciated support has assisted Isabella in receiving speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic care and more. Please know your generous support is greatly appreciated.

Heartfelt Gratitude ~

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The Raising Hope Project was designed to give individuals and families in crisis an opportunity to reach out to their friends, family and social circle using peer-to-peer fundraising platform without any cost to the beneficiary.  In addition, families may be eligible for additional funding from A Lot of Good in the form of a matching grant. 

This site was created to be a way for individuals and families in crisis to help themselves by using peer-to-peer fundraising over the internet.  There are no costs or charges to the family for processing, hosting, etc.  It is paid for by supporters and A Lot of Good.

We hope that you will support the A Lot of Good Raising Hope Project with a financial gift to the the RH Fund or to one or more of the families needing funding to deal with their current situation.



160 supporters

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