Beauty and the Beach Off-Shore 2022

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Long Ago . . . .

Fifty-one years ago, Lynn Ann and I boarded a worn out school bus in Abilene, Texas, and headed for New Jersey - a place the two of us never dreamed we'd go to spend a year making a difference in the lives of inner-city kids.  It was New Jersey or Bust! for just over 50 very idealistic young people. Except for our bus driver, Al, none of us knew anything about what we were getting ourselves into. That year, from August '71 to August '72, however, set us on the journey we're still on today. 

Simply put, we fell in love with a group of young urban children, and we never looked back. After our year was up, we wanted to stay. But the program we were with was slowly closing down, and we had no support to try and continue by ourselves.

After 2 years back in El Paso, Texas, my sister & brother-in-law, Dusty & Bill joined together with Lynn Ann and me to return to NJ to start ASLAN YOUTH MINISTRIES and work with those same children we'd had to leave behind a couple of years before. With almost no promised support from anyone, it was a miracle we lasted a week here - much less 47 years! Now at the age of seventy-four and seventy-three years old, we are still here. 

Nearly all of you who are reading this are aware of the countless lives changed through ASLAN. Now more than ever, we need your help. Please sponsor Lynn Ann and me as we do the 5K portion of Beauty & The Beach. Whatever you can give, give. You will be making an eternal difference in a child's life.


Pictured above are some of our Summer Camp children with red raspberries they picked to turn into healthy, delicious juice!

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15th Annual Beauty and the Beach Run Race

The first Beauty and the Beach Run Race was held in 2007. Thankfully in the past two years we navigated the devastation of the pandemic and created a successful hybrid race where runners and walkers can choose to participate on-site or fundraise for Aslan.

In celebration of our work in bringing together people from all walks of life and of all racial backgrounds to benefit Aslan’s Children, we are pleased to announce that our 15th Annual Beauty and the Beach Run on-site Race is relocating to Sandy Hook, NJ.

Beauty & the Beach Off-Shore will be held August 25 through September 30, 2022.

Aslan Youth Ministries is thankful for the hundreds of thousands of dollars raised from runners and walkers over the years. Historically, the race raises awareness of our mission to serve at-risk youth residing in Monmouth County NJ. All the children we serve live below the federal poverty level, who, in addition to experiencing poverty as an adversity, may be subjected to the experiences of abuse, neglect, and family dysfunction, along with a host of other stressors, including community violence, discrimination, and peer victimization.

We have continued innovating our services to support youth, families, and our local communities. An equally essential part of our organization is our volunteer program. We proudly bring together a community of diverse residents, who serve as tutors and mentors for Aslan’s children.

The heart of our ministry is our volunteers, and many have given so much to help us ensure our children thrive. Evidence of that is in the many success stories of our Aslan Alumni. You may read more about Aslan’s Alumni and their proud legacy of successes - click here.

The success of the tutoring program hinges on recruiting dedicated volunteers. COVID-19 put a stop to all volunteer recruitment. However, in late 2020, with funding from Impact 100 Jersey Coast, who believes in our methodology, Aslan was able to hire a Director of Volunteers who is spearheading the efforts of rebuilding the volunteer program and matching tutor/mentors with children.

In addition, Aslan’s work in Haiti is to help people escape the devastation of poverty by empowering their lives – physically, mentally, and spiritually – so that they can, in turn, become change-agents for their nation. We have a clinic to serve the medical and nutritional needs of the community, Maranatha Church addresses their spiritual needs, and our school is devoted to educational enrichment for the 400 families we work with.

We are proud of our 15th Annual Beauty and the Beach Run designed by women for woman. Proceeds raised from this race support our programs for at-risk disadvantaged children served by Aslan Youth Ministries.

This year’s on-site race is scheduled for September 24, 2022.

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64 Supporters

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