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Gotham Yardbird Sanctuary is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that was founded in response to the 2020 pandemic and its impact on NYC's Jazz musician community and local businesses.

GYS provides free-to-all Live Jazz performances in various places all over the city, such as restaurants and bars, art museums and galleries, food courts, churches, organic rooftop gardens. etc.

We create immediate jobs for Jazz musicians. We support hard-hit local businesses and bring Jazz back to the people to reach wider audiences.

GYS will revive NYC with the great unifying power of Jazz and rebuild this city as a sanctuary for Jazz musicians and aspiring artists from all over the world.

We are hoping to raise $250,000 during 3 month-long Winter 2020 campaign to reach our final goal $500,000 for Yardbird Jam Session fundraising over the year of 2021.

$500,000 budget will enable us to create around 200 live Jazz performances for a year.

Donate Gotham Yardbird Sanctuary to make difference!!

Let us help revive NYC with the unifying power of Jazz and rebuild our city as a haven for not only Jazz musicians but for aspiring entrepreneurs and artists from all over the world.


Video by Sara Pettinella  http://www.littlecombproductio...



35 Supporters

3% of $250,000 goal

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Gotham Yardbird Sanctuary

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