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Riverside Summer Shootout Tournament Sponsor 2023

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qrDfu2Gu7vABCdedHufFdXlwjzXFic22K6sZjs94.pngRIVERSIDE AD SALE FILLABLE FORM- EMAIL COMPLETED FORM TO [email protected]

2023 Tournament Program Sponsor Details

Types of Ad Sales & Banners:

1. Ad Sales

• Full Page (6 .5” X 8”)- $450

• Half Page (6.5” X 3.875”)- $275

• Quarter Page (3.125” X 3.875”)- $150

• Business Card (3.5” X 2”)- $100

2. Banners

• $200 to place a banner on a fence around John B. Lewis Soccer Complex or the

Buncombe County Sports Park.

• The company is responsible for providing the banner.

• HFC will determine the placement of the banner to ensure that there are no conflicts

with sponsors or other advertisements.

• HFC is not responsible for lost or stolen banners.

• Banners must be delivered to the ABYSA office no later than Monday, August 14, 2023.

• Banner must be picked up from the ABYSA office after the tournament.

Distribution of Funds:

1. Proceeds from ad sales will be split as follows:

a. 50% to player account

b. 30% to G.O.A.L.S. Financial Aid fund

c. 20% to ABYSA to cover production and administration costs

RSS Sponsorship

Share Fundraiser

Campaign Ended

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