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Since opening our doors in the summer of 2018, Radically Fit has been a space for folks to find joy in movement while cultivating community in a space that truly celebrates every body. We have offered a space where Black and Brown folks, queer and trans folks & bigger bodied and fat folks are not only prioritized, but centered. We have offered classes like Powerlifting to help folks feel empowered, dance to encourage free movement, boxing to kick some ass & mobility to reduce the chance of injuries. We also offer specialized classes for our most marginalized communities like Black and Brown Queers, Trans and GNC, Big Buff babes for fat and bigger bodied folks . We have had amazing instructors work hard to keep this community nourished & have seen members build and grow their own circles here. When we had to bring our business completely online for over a year, we were able to connect with folks-all over the world. We have grown over the past (almost) four years, and our goal is to be able to continue that growth, and we need your help to make that happen. 

When the pandemic hit in 2020 we were sure it would just be a few weeks. Flash forward to the start of a 3rd year in this pandemic and continued uncertainty around when things will feel more safe. Although we have managed to keep our doors open, it has been incredibly hard to grow in the way we had projected at the beginning of this journey. We want to be able to continue to offer the community here in Oakland a safer place to move their bodies & continue to empower folks through movement. As we reopen our doors again, we are asking for help from communities far and wide to raise 60k to help keep our doors open through another year of this pandemic. 

This 60k will help pay rent over the next year and assist in new class additions, keeping staff together & laying the groundation for further growth in the years to come. We have always strived to make fitness accessible to everyone, and that includes financially. We have reduced the cost of BIPOC personal training as well as a sliding scale membership that allows folks to come to the gym for whatever they can pay, no strings attached & we need your help to continue to be able to offer this! We have asked folks in our community to donate offerings to raffle off for the fundraiser and the prizes are incredible. You can donate certain amounts to be entered in a raffle for the offerings we will have. We want y'all to donate whatever you can, and felt that this was a great way to involve our members near and far. 

Thank you for continuing to support our mission & our community. Radically Fit is an incredibly special place that has been built by many hands, and we hope to continue to grow, learn, improve & serve our communities here in Oakland and all over the country. 

In Community, 

Luca Page

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group of masked Radically Fit members in the gym smiling & gesturing to the camera with energy, a mural is painted on the wall behind and above them of mostly BIPOC people exercising & lifting differnt weights, it says





62 supporters

$60,000 goal

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