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The Marathon Kids Relay Team is dedicated to fundraising, supporting our mission, and promoting the work of Marathon Kids. Our team members 'pass the baton', so kids have a chance at active and healthy lives. 

We rely on generous donors like you to deliver our evidence-based program and technology 100% free for all schools. When children are given positive physical activity experiences early in their life they are six times more likely to adopt a long-term healthy lifestyle. That's why programs like Marathon Kids are urgently needed to combat the youth inactivity crisis and support the well-being of all children.

Marathon Kids is an evidence-based physical activity program that uses research-proven methods to help kids find their inner athlete. The goal is to increase daily physical activity by engaging kids in a positive, goal-driven program that challenges them to run, jog, walk or move the equivalent of four (or more!) marathons over the course of a season. It allows kids of all abilities to unlock their potential, one mile at a time.

Marathon Kids combines innovative technology and evidence-based practices to build a structured program that equips kids, coaches, and parents to embrace physical activity and live more active and healthy lives. The technology is a free, cloud-based platform that makes tracking and reporting on kids’ physical activity simple. With free programming, Marathon Kids can engage every school, community, and parent to combat the youth inactivity crisis and support the well-being of children.



7 supporters

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EIN 06-1722171