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RevFoXX has a straightforward mission: to challenge the gender industry's harmful influence on women and children, amplify voices demanding accountability, and advocate for legislative changes that protect their well-being. We are a diverse group of individuals who prioritize women's rights, child protection, and freedom of speech.

The gender industry, with its vast financial resources, targets and manipulates young individuals, infiltrating various aspects of society such as politics, education, healthcare, and even religion. They distort facts and suppress dissenting opinions. Unfortunately, this has led to the erosion of free speech, where expressing inconvenient truths is labeled as "hate speech" and met with hostility and online censorship. Additionally, law enforcement's reluctance to maintain order and protect citizens further exacerbates the situation.

As a sponsor of RevFoXX, your contribution directly supports our efforts to document and shed light on these events while ensuring our personal safety. Your support helps us create informative materials, produce videos, and engage in peaceful events and meetings. By joining us, you play a vital role in our fact-based outreach and contribute to a safer and more informed society.

We invite you to be part of our mission in defending free speech, upholding women's rights, and safeguarding the well-being of children. Your donation enables us to continue our important work without relying on constant appeals for funds. Together, we can make a significant impact. To learn more about our initiatives and contribute, our vast body of work will speak for itself. You matter, your support matters, and the help created with your support forĀ a better future for everyone matters.


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