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RevFoXX has a simple, direct goal: to topple the gender industry and its lethal stranglehold on women and children, elevate the voices of those who endeavor to hold members of that industry accountable under the rule of law, and speak in support of legislative changes to protect women and children from harm. Ultimately, RevFoXX is a heterodox group of individuals that promote sex-based rights for women, safeguards for children, and free speech for all.

Backed by billions of dollars, the gender industry has focused on recruiting the youngest members of society to break and abandon. Throughout the past 15 years, the gender industry has wormed its way into politics, education, healthcare, and law. It is now branching into religion with claims of divinity and scripture interpretations intent on capturing new audiences. Supporters of the gender industry align and often work in methods that systematically terrorize parents (usually mothers), set up and organize activist day camps, and squander federal, state, and local resources by requesting law enforcement stifle overdue civil discourse and exercise of First Amendment rights. 

The true form of Free Speech is constantly attacked and manipulated in the social framework. Inconvenient facts and unpopular fact-based reports are regarded as "hate speech" and met with slander and social media de-platforming campaigns. Police have become reluctant to enforce permits, noise ordinances, and peaceable assemblies, and violent protestors are permitted to abuse, assault, and rob citizens of safety and possessions. 

As a RevFoXX sponsor, your support goes directly to the acquisition and maintenance of equipment essential to documenting these events as they unfold while helping us maintain a degree of personal public safety in that process. We use this equipment in the production of printed material, videos, and artwork for continued fact-based outreach, and enable our ground teams to travel and participate with a sense of security and safety in non-violent events, meetings, and rallies.


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