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Since the start of the pandemic, JP/Roxbury Mutual Aid has offered free groceries to neighbors in need. Recently, we formed a partnership with Egleston Square Main Streets, the Egleston YMCA, the Hernández School, and two bodegas to provide big bags of free, nutritious, culturally appropriate groceries to ~70 households in Jamaica Plain, Roxbury, and bordering neighborhoods.

Many families receiving regular deliveries aren’t eligible for unemployment or SNAP benefits due to residency status; others are housebound due to age or disability. Many cannot get what they need from pantries alone. Our project provides those who request assistance with essential groceries while also supporting two local bodegas via weekly bulk orders.

Our bodegas bags are filling an important need, and we have a waitlist. We need ongoing donations to continue this support through the winter months. A gift of $50 covers one household for a week. Gifts of all sizes add up!

  • We’ve made over 525 deliveries since the pandemic began—distributing more than 1,500 bags of groceries to almost 250 households.
  • Hundreds of other neighbors have used our bilingual hotline to get help accessing food and financial resources across the city.

With gratitude, 

The JP/Rox Mutual Aid fundraising team 
Ida, Emily, Krissy, Jess, Joelle, and Anna



347 supporters

$100,000 goal

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